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For his show, "Fresh Tracks" (watch on YouTube and Amazon Prime), Randy's Fall hunting schedule is a busy one. Starting mid August and running through Late November/December and even sometimes into January - Randy places a huge amount of trust in his gear. See below for a few items he doesn't leave the house without + his mainstay gear that goes with him on every hunt.





  1. LEKI TREKKING POLES These poles are lightweight and compact, but a real life saver. Randy brings two along because in the backcountry, 4WD is typically better than 2WD. 
  2. A QUALITY KNIFE- Randy spends a lot of time processing elk in the field; his favorite part of the hunt.  He has spent the last three years working with Gerber to design knives that are suited for the elk hunter; the Exchange Blade System (EBS) and the Dual Tool System (DTS).  Visit Gerber and use promo code RANDY for 20% off! 
  3. REUSABLE GAME BAGS - Randy uses the Caribou Gear reuseable game bags for storing and hauling meat upon a successful kill. As a dedicated meat-eater, he knows the importance of taking good care of meat from the moment the animal hits the ground. 
  4. QUALITY OPTICS - Having quality optics, such as binos, spotting scope, and rangefinders can save miles of wear and tear on your body over the course of a 7-day hunt. Randy trusts Leupold optics for his hunts and employs a patient strategy of finding the best glassing knob on the mountain and staking his claim for hours on end. It's a strategy that seems to continue to work for him.