Show Order Entry Guide




1. Start the iPad, passcode is 552005




2. Click the Shopify POS icon.
 ipad screen




3. Log into the POS app - 4 digit password can be found on bottom left corner of each iPad.





4. App is now ready - tap search bar.


product search




5. Proceed to enter Product Title or SKU for first item.






6. Select item size to add to cart.






7. Tap "Go to Cart" to return to home screen.






8. Repeat steps 4-7 to add additional items to order.


next item




9. Decide Your Discounts -


A. Do you wish to apply a discount to the entire order? Go to Step 10.


B. Do you wish to apply a discount to a single item? Go to Step 11.



10. Discount Entire Order
Click "Apply Discount" from Home Screen



10a. Enter Dollar Amount of Discount, or click "Percentage (%)" tab and enter a discount percentage. 


cart discount select




10b. Under "Title" enter a discount description, then click "Save" to return to Home Screen.


Proceed to Step 12.


cart discount arrow




11. Discount Single Item


Click the Item in the checkout cart that you wish to discount.


item disocunt




11a. Click "Apply discount to item"


item discount red




11b. Enter Dollar Amount of Discount, or click "Percentage (%)" tab and enter a discount percentage.


item discount




11c. Under "Title" enter a discount description, then click "Done" or "Save" to return to Home Screen.


cart discount image




12. Product Selection is complete, add customer to order.


customer search image




13. First, search by phone number to locate customer.  You can also search by email address or last name, with less accuracy.


search by phone




14. If you are not able to find customer, click "Add new customer". Enter First Name, Last Name and Email.


add new cust




15. Add phone number, then click "Add address".


add address




16. Enter Shipping Information: First and Last Name, Company, Address, City, State, Zip. Phone. Click "Save".


Customer Address



STOP: Is the order under $100 and you wish to apply free shipping?


-Click "Apply Discount" as if you are applying a discount to the hole order.

-Instead of "Amount" or "Percentage" select the 3rd tab: "Discount Code".

-Enter the code "FREE" to apply free shipping to the order.

-Proceed with order, once you select a shipping method the cost will change to $0.




17. Next, click "Ship to Customer".


Ship to Cust image




18. Select Shipping Address to apply to order.


Select Shipping image




19. Select Shipping Method.


ship method image




20. Double check Order information - scroll down and make sure everything has been entered correctly prior to starting Checkout.


order info 1
order info 2




21. Click "Checkout".






22. Process Credit Card or choose alternate payment option.


    Chip reader         -or-          Swipe card
chip ccswipe cc













Split Payment
-enter amount, select payment method 1, process payment-


split 2



Split Payment
-remainder of balance populated, select payment method 2-


split second




23. Order completed, receipt will automatically print, you may either print a second copy of receipt, or email receipt.


-Credit Card-





-Cash w/ change due-


cash change




23. Tap "Done" to return to home screen for new order.