Show Setup Guide

Show Setup


Step 1:

Remove the following items from the laptop bag-


  Jetpack  -   
verizon jetpack
    iPad -
iPad image
  Receipt Printer -             
receipt printer image
  Card Scanner -
card reader image
     iPad Holder -
       ipad holder





.... And the power cords - 

power supplies image

Step 2:

Turn on Jetpack

Press and hold button on top right for 5 seconds, then release.  Jetpack will start. After a minute the network will be active.

jetpack button image

*It is crucial to start the Jetpack first so the WiFi network is activated, or the other devices may not connect properly.


Step 3:

Attach Power Strip to table leg with zip-ties.

power strip on table

Step 4:

Remove Credit Card Scanner from carrying case.

Set chip/swipe unit onto base and connect white power cord to card reader base.




Place iPad on stand.

Plug charging cable into iPad.


The iPad and credit card reader can share a dual port USB plug as shown, or use individual plugs.  Connect to power strip.


Attach charging cable to Jetpack, then connect to power strip.

Place Receipt Printer on table and connect to power strip.



Arrange table as desired.


show set up complete

Step 5:

Find extension cords in supplies box.

supplies box

Connect extension cord to power strip at each table and route extension cords to booth power outlet.

power cord



Step 6:

Use trip guard covers to protect extension cords as needed.




Setup Complete!