Trouble-shooting Guide

1. Receipt Printer

  • Problem - Out of Paper
  1. Extra paper included in tech kit, when inserted, roll tail comes out in a clockwise direction when viewing right side of printer.



  • Problem – Printer no longer connected to iPad
  1. Open Shopify POS – log in, navigate to “Settings”, tap “Manage connected hardware” – Select disconnected printer, tap “Forget Printer”.
  2. Turn off printer. Use paper clip to push red “RST” reset button on bottom of printer. Turn printer back on, holding RST button.  Wait until printer makes 2nd “zip-zip” noise then release RST button. Turn off printer and restart
  3. Open Shopify POS, click “Settings” in lower left. Next click “Set up hardware”. Click “Receipt Printer”, click “Star Micronics”, click “Wifi”, then click “Next Step” until you reach "step 3". Open settings menu on iPad. Click “Wifi”. In “Networks” you will see “TSP100III-XXXXXX” click to connect Printer.
  4. Return to Shopify POS, wait at step 3 until the software connects printer and asks you to complete wifi setup. System asks for Jetpack Wifi Password, tap “Wi-Fi Name/Password” on the Jetpack main menu. Enter password. Connection process is complete once printer prints out a fake dollar bill.


2. Jetpack

  • Problem – iPad disconnected from wi-fi service
  1. On iPad, open “settings” app and tap “Wi-Fi” – If turned on, Jetpack will be discoverable, named “Kenetrek Show Kit XX”. Tap to connect, system will ask for password.On Jetpack main menu, tap “Wi-Fi Name/Password”; Jetpack will display wifi service name and password. Enter password into waiting iPad menu.


  • Problem – Jetpack has no power and will not charge
  1. Jetpack must be charged using a special “Quick Charger”. It is a black USB unit included in the Laptop bag that is labelled with the name “Inseego”.



3. Card Reader

  • Problem – Card Reader disconnected from iPad
  1. Open Shopify POS – log in, navigate to “Settings”, tap “Manage connected hardware” – Select disconnected card reader, tap “Forget Card Reader”. Navigate back to settings menu, tap “Set Up Hardware” then tap “card reader”. Select “Chip & Swipe”. Hold button on side of card reader for 5-6 seconds to pair devices, you will see card reader activate in lower right hand corner of app.