Care and Maintenance


To condition and protect the leather in your boots, treat them with Kenetrek Boot Wax. Other brands of boot dressing can contain heavy oils or animal fats that may delaminate the glue bond of the rubber rand. Avoid heat from campfires or wood stoves. This will damage internal materials in your boots often beyond repair.

By treating the leather of either your Mountain Boots or Pac Boots, you not only increase the water repellency of your boots, but you extend the life of the leather uppers dramatically and keep from picking up additional "water weight" in your leather uppers. Again, the only product that we recommend is the Kenetrek Boot Wax. This wax is specifically formulated with a combination of natural vegetable oils, beeswax, and other "special" ingredients. It is important that you avoid any dressing with oils as heavy oils will delaminate the glue bond on the Mountain Boots and severely corrode the rubber bottoms on the Pac Boots.

Watch this video by Randy Newberg as we go through a few techniques for taking care of your boots and applying our Kenetrek Boot Wax.