When will my order ship?

Expedited Air Shipments placed before 10 am Mountain Standard Time will ship the same day.  Air shipments placed after that time will ship the next business day.  Orders with regular Ground shipping will ship in 1-3 business days. Please note on expedited air shipments that the day of shipment is not included in the timetable. UPS Next Day Air is the only exception and will be delivered the next day if the order is placed before 10 am MST.



How do I protect my boots?

To condition and protect the leather in your boots, treat them with Kenetrek Boot Wax. Other brands of boot dressing can contain heavy oils or animal fats that may delaminate the glue bond of the rubber rand. Avoid heat from campfires or wood stoves. This will damage internal materials in your boots often beyond repair.



What is the difference between Kenetrek Boots and others?

We make three distinctly different styles of boots.

1.) The Kenetrek  Mountain Boots are very supportive, yet lightweight boots designed for travel in rugged terrain. These Mountain Boots are standard wear for wilderness sheep hunts, whether the adventure is in Alaska or Kyrgystan. It is amazing how light in weight the Kenetrek Mountain Boots are, but what will really surprise you is how incredibly comfortable they are! 

2.) The Kenetrek Pac Boots are built with the finest materials available. From the quality rubber bottoms, the heavy duty oil-tanned leather uppers, to the quilted liners, all of the materials are the best. Even the boot laces and the thread the boots are sewn with are of superior quality. The other major difference is the fit of the Kenetrek Pac Boots. When compared to other brands of traditional Pac Boots, our Pacs are designed with a supportive fit to allow all day walking comfort. 

3.) The Kenetrek Light Hikers are based on the comfort model of our popular Kenetrek Mountain Boots, our featherweight support system utilizes reinforced K ankle straps to tie the outsoles directly to the fortified uppers.


Where are Kenetrek Boots manufactured?

The Kenetrek Pac Boots are currently assembled in Thailand, the Kenetrek  Mountain Boots are made in Italy, and the Kenetrek Light Hikers in Romania.


How long will they last?

There are too many factors to define how long our boots will last for each customer but rest assured we warranty the boots to be free from defects until the outsoles of your boots are very worn. At that time, you can send the boots back in to be rebuilt at around half of the cost of a new pair.


How long do the boots take to break in?

The Kenetrek Mountain Boots can take up to 50 miles of normal walking before a comfort flex will form in the midsole. These miles can be on flat ground. You just don't want to take any brand new boot and climb straight uphill prior to the midsole breaking in. It will put too much pressure on the back of your heels and can cause blisters.

The Kenetrek Pac Boots require very little break in time as the rubber bottoms are already flexible when new. The Kenetrek Light Hikers also require very little break in time.


Are the boots waterproof?

The Kenetrek Mountain Boots have a Wind-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane so they are waterproof. The Wind-Tex membranes are very durable, but all membranes eventually wear out. Kenetrek warranties the waterproofness for up to 12 months from date of purchase or 75% of sole wear, whichever comes first. The Pac Boots have rubber bottoms that are waterproof. Although the leather uppers are water resistant, they do need to be treated with a wax based waterproofing like the Kenetrek Boot Wax. This will increase the water resistance of the leather uppers dramatically. In extremely wet conditions a seam sealer like Freesole can be used to seal all of the seams and the junction between the leather and the rubber bottom.



Do I need to treat the leather uppers?

By treating the leather of either your Pac Boots or Mountain Boots, you not only increase the water repellency of your boots, but you extend the life of the leather uppers dramatically and keep from picking up additional "water weight" in your leather uppers. Again, the only product that we recommend is the Kenetrek Boot Wax. This wax is specifically formulated with a combination of natural vegetable oils, beeswax, and other "special" ingredients. It is important that you avoid any dressing with oils or animal fats as heavy oils will delaminate the glue bond on the Mountain Boots and severely corrode the rubber bottoms on the Pac Boots.


How warm are the boots?

So many factors come into play here. Things like activity, type of socks, smoking, drinking alcohol, circulation, and what you are wearing on your head all have an effect. We have found that the number one reason for cold feet is a boot that fits too tight. Even though a snug fit is ideal for walking, especially in rough country, you should loosen the boot laces or wear a lighter sock for maximum warmth. At Kenetrek, we really try to be honest with our ratings. If we comfort rate a boot to be warm to 0 degrees, that means we have used the boot and find the rated temperature to be on the lower end of the comfort zone with mild activity. If you would like to compare insulation ratings to most other boot manufacturers, subtract 40 degrees.


How do I know what size to order?

Kenetrek Pac Boots  are available in whole sizes only and are sized to incorporate a good quality boot sock. If you wear a half size, round up to the next whole size. The Kenetrek Mountain Boots run very true to size with the Brannock device. Many customers choose to go up a half size from their street shoe size to allow for a little extra toe room - vital for going downhill especially with a backpack in the mountains. You may also use our digital sizing charts, be aware that they must be printed on 8.5 x 14 legal sized paper, and you should use a ruler to check the scale. Do not round up when using the digital sizing charts.

Men's Digital Sizing Chart

Women's Digital Sizing Chart


Are the boots available in Women's sizes?

The Pac Boots are available in unisex sizes 5-15. Women should order one to one and half sizes down from their normal shoe size. We offer the Mountain Boots in women's sizes made on a women's last with a narrow heel that is necessary to properly fit the majority of women.



What is the best height Pac Boot to buy?

The height of the boot comes down to personal preference. We sell both 10" and 13" Pac Boot heights. The 10" boot is the standard boot height offering complete support. The taller boot gives more protection to your legs for horseback riding. The 13" height boots also provide higher water protection.

Will the Pac Boots fit into stirrups?

Yes, but as with any rubber bottom boot, caution must be used. Do not slide your foot all the way in to the stirrups. The extra insulated Northern boot should only be used with oversized stirrups. The Cowboy Pac is specifically designed for riding in colder weather and features a stirrup rail to slip in and out of a standard stirrup with ease.



What kind of socks are best?

We recommend a two sock system. A quality, fitted liner sock with a good quality wool blend fitted boot sock over the top. The weight (thickness) of the boot sock can be adjusted to customize the fit of your boots. ie. Narrow foot = extra heavy weight sock, wide foot = lightweight sock.



Are the Pac Boot Liners removable?

Yes, this is a key feature of our lace up boots. Removable liners allow much easier and faster drying. Many customers actually purchase an extra set of liners and rotate them daily.



What is the Kenetrek VIP Rewards Program?

Any Kenetrek Customer may join the Kenetrek VIP Rewards program.  This program rewards you for following us on Social Media platforms, making purchases and signing up for our Email Newsletter.  You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent at Kenetrek.com and you may redeem your points for discounts on your next purchase.  When applying the discount to your order, 100 points earns $10 off your order.



Can I retroactively earn VIP points on previous purchases?

Yes, you will retroactively receive credit for previous orders that were placed in the year 2022 or after, but only if an email address was provided on the original order.  All you have to do is create an account with the same email address and those points will automatically be applied.



What happens to my points when I return an item purchased with VIP Rewards?

When a product is returned that was purchased using VIP Reward points, those points will be credited back to your account once we receive the return.  Kenetrek VIP Reward points have no monetary value and cannot be refunded to you as cash.  When VIP Reward points are used on an order with several products, the points are allocated to each product based on the product's portion of the order total, determining how many points will be credited back when a single item is returned.



Do my VIP Reward points expire?

Yes, VIP Reward Points expire 2 years after the issuing date.