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Jana's History With Kenetrek ~

"After moving out West to Montana from Wisconsin in 2010, I was in the market for sturdy yet comfortable boots for the mountains. Every single hunt is different in terms of the mileage and terrain you're putting your feet through. I was encouraged to try Kenetrek boots from a friend of mine who was a hunting guide and have been wearing the Mountain Extremes ever since.

From sharp lava rock in New Mexico to the rolling tundra of Alaska, Kenetreks have been the most comfortable and durable boot in every terrain imaginable. I love the ankle support and rugged sole without feeling like I'm wearing ski boots. From the challenges of hunting bighorn sheep and mountain goats to chasing antelope and mule deer in the rolling plains of the West, my Kenetrek's have always provided great support and comfort through many grueling miles.

I've shared hunting camps with people who's hunts have been ruined from blistered and painful feet and always encourage both men and women to invest in high quality boots like Kenetreks."

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Jana's Story:

Jana Waller Bair is the Host and Executive Producer of Skull Bound TV and Skull Bound Chronicles, a hunting and conservation tv series that's currently in its 15th season. Skull Bound TV won the coveted Outdoor Sportsman Award for Best In Conservation in 2019 on The Sportsman Channel where the show aired for nine years before moving to CarbonTV. Jana has been a lifelong hunter and ardent conservationist, belonging to numerous conservation organizations for which she’s personally raised over $110,000 with her skull artwork.

Jana was awarded the Communicator Of The Year Award in 2015 by the National Wild Turkey Federation and received an Alumni Award in 2016 from her alma mater, the University Of Wisconsin-Whitewater, for promoting women in the outdoors with the use of her Public Relations degree. Jana and her show have received multiple CarbonTV Fan Favorite Awards for Best Host, Best Show, Best Show Open and Best in Cinematography.

She was appointed as a Wildlife Commissioner in Montana by Governor Greg Gianforte in 2021 and after serving her term moved to Utah where she resides with her husband John Bair. Jana is a proud member of nine conservation organizations including the Mule Deer Foundation, NWTF, Wild Sheep Foundation, SCI, American Bear Foundation, SFW, Blood Origins, Hunter Nation and Howl.org.

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