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Sheep hunting tests you down to the core. It's brutal, exhausting and downright dangerous... and there's nothing I'd rather be doing, as long as I'm geared up properly. We first started designing and building boots after an eight day hunt in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories in 2002. The merciless country tested us in unimaginable ways, and I was winning the fight, until my feet made me want to lay down and die. After chasing a Dall Ram 10 miles straight up, we caught and killed it, and started back down. That's when my muscles screamed and my pack straps felt like they cut clear through me... but that didn't stop me. My boots did.

What were once blisters became almost freakish gashes that took me down for the count. That's when I knew we had to design and build a better boot that could keep up with me, a high-country mountain sheep hunter.

Since then, we've been designing, building and beating up boots in every brutal terrain conceivable, to make sure hunters, backpackers and hikers can go anywhere on the planet without ever experiencing boot failure. Today, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts wear Kenetrek boots to live their passions with unbelievable support, total comfort and most of all, confidence.

As boot designers/builders and sellers, we have the opportunity to do the most important thing a company like ours can do, listen to our customers. They asked us for ASTM approved safety-toe boots with the same Kenetrek comfort and dependability they've grown to love, and we heard them loud and clear. And, they told us that our boots are incredibly dependable and comfortable, but wondered if there was more we can do for folks that suffer with injuries or just have a lot of foot or ankle pain from years on their feet. Kenetrek is proud to announce EverStep, a breakthrough in orthopedic boot footwear, designed by Kenetrek and a team of physicians, for those who need a little extra support. Enjoy your days in the field.

Jim Winjum

President, Kenetrek Boots

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