GenuTrain Knee Support

BA-201 0

Don't let a sore, swollen knee keep you out of the woods… even if you're recovering from an injury.  Bauerfeind's GenuTrain® knee brace stabilizes and protects your knee without limiting your mobility, and is designed to actually reduce swelling.  Whether you're backpacking, taking a walk or just need to get through the workday, this brace will keep you up and active in stretchy yet supportive comfort.  Due to the spiral stays on each side of the brace, the breathable, soft knit fabric gives you the support of neoprene minus the sweat and heat normally associated with knee braces.  Throw it in the wash and it comes out true-to-fit, retaining its original shape.  A Viscoelastic Omega pad supplies extra-soft cushioning in the hollow of the knee, Meniscus wings help relieve pain, and soft "Hoffa" pads below the kneecap relieve pressure on the most common pain spots.  Sizes 0-7.  See chart.